A Start


If I have learned anything from the past two years, it is that putting off something you really want to do is a waste of precious time.  None of us know what the day will bring, let alone a month, a year, a lifetime, but we do know we have the moment we are in now.  I have been a blog reader for years, and have been a writer in my head for most of my lifetime.  A litany of common excuses has held me back from writing anything of my own beyond the pages of a journal in my nightstand drawer – I don’t know what I’d say, everything sounds better in my head than in print, who would read it anyway, blogs are for younger people, blogs are ‘out’… But you know what? I enjoy writing. I write in my head all the time, so why not send those words out in the world and see where they travel? I am a complete rookie when it comes to the technical aspect of all of this, so as I play around with site building, I will just get going with the rest. I am looking forward to seeing where this keyboard takes me. See you along the way!

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